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Hi and welcome to my site! My name is Leia and I just LOVE that you found my site! This is my little private haven where I can tease and try out my best friend Karens sexy underwear ;)!!

Karen is the girl that persuaded me to do this site :) We met at a party a while ago and it was pretty well known that Karen had her own site, and she said its easy to get one - I said no way! She had a camera with her and we fooled around upstairs in the bedroom :)

Soon I started to think seriously I could do something like this, and now I can't wait for Karen to pull up in her nice car and take me out to remote and private locations where I can strip and show off my goods for you!!

I hope you enjoy these samples, make sure to click through to the end of my tour so you get to see all the previews! I update at least once a week, and inside you get to see a little more than you do in these previews....

See you inside! Lots of love - Leia xxxooxx

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